Kemevor & Jasper Associates is a firm of Chartered Accountants established in 2010 and licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana, specialising in audit, accountancy, tax, and advisory services. Drawing on the knowledge and skills of local professionals trained in various parts of the world. We build relationships by providing services based on quality and integrity. Through such relationships, we help our clients to solve complex business problems and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance in a world confronted by ever-changing challenges and opportunities.

Kemevor & Jasper Associates expanding portfolio of services reflects its ambition: to provide its clients, whether international corporations, SMEs or individuals, with tailored and global solutions to help them achieve sustainable growth. Kemevor & Jasper Associates operates in integrated teams across full range of services for cross-border assignments.

We provide these services to a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients engaged in many kinds of socio-economic activities. Our clients range from micro and small businesses to the large multi-national corporations (MNCs). One key result of our interaction with these entities of varied character is that we have, over the years, built an immense wealth of varied experience. This has enabled our professional staff to view the management problems that our clients encounter from several different perspectives. This ability helps us to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their complex, costly problems.

We pride ourselves on being local with global exposure and experience. We design our service delivery approach to achieve a careful balance between our global exposure and experience and the local business environment. By leveraging on our local capacities and global exposure and experience, we are able to tailor solutions we have provided elsewhere and convert them to become workable practical solutions within local contexts